RE: Fred! Tue 13:45 icodes [Reply]
Well it will be a good idea if we can get people to run the other regions, it would be a full time job for them with a real income. Hopefully it wouldn't be another premium feed flop!. ...... more
RE: Fred! Mon 09:07 codesandoffers [Reply]
what other networks are you concentrating on? All of them really, webgains, tradedoubler, paidonresults and commission junction. There is more to life than Affiliate Windows. I think L...... more
RE: Fred! Sun 14:41 wizardpc [Reply]
what other networks are you concentrating on?...... more
iCodes in other countries idea.. Sat 16:12 icodes [Reply]
The reason we do not cater for other countries is simply due to not having the time or staff to tidy and categorise the feeds, language barriers aren't really an issue as just about all the feeds are in English. Here is the idea.. We set up an iCod...... more
RE: Fred! Sat 15:44 icodes [Reply]
Not noticed the email, just sounds like all the other sp called google updates, just designed to remove small affiliate sites to leave more money for the big players including google themselves. We too get removed by merchants daily, mostly awin mer...... more
RE: Fred! Sat 13:20 wizardpc [Reply]
it's all much of a muchness. I doubt my sites could go any lower...... more
Fred! Sat 09:30 codesandoffers [Reply]
Did anyone else get the email from Edwyn at Awin? There was allegedly a new alogrithm like Panda, now called 'Fred'. Edwyn believes that my sites are amongst the 1.25% hit by it. He quoted 'Online Christmas Shops' as being thin and was only made to m...... more
RE: 3Gorillas and ppc branded terms Mon 14:09 londonbeat [Reply]
Today they removed me!...... more
RE: Not sure..... Sat 12:17 icodes [Reply]
The live site doesn't really use the wordpress posts at all, its just built up of called up php pages as far as i'm aware. I think Amazons API is restricted to 50 products per request, that's why it can only show 5 pages of 10 per page....... more
RE: - Premium Design Coupons Site Sat 11:41 aj2703 [Reply]
link is dead, unless sold?....... more
Not sure..... Sat 08:19 aj2703 [Reply]
Hi. I have a few VERY big facebook groups 50 - 100k in each. I am looking for some ways to monetize them. Have been looking at the live plugin. One of the key factors to my plan is to use auto posting software that pulls an ad from my site a...... more
RE: import feeds Fri 18:16 wizardpc [Reply]
cheers...... more
RE: import feeds Fri 16:15 icodes [Reply]
Configure feed > my merchants > affiliate window... click on merchant name, then click the download link and wait....... more
RE: import feeds Fri 11:03 wizardpc [Reply]
it was - can you remind me how to do it?...... more
RE: import feeds Fri 09:56 icodes [Reply]
Not tested it for ages but as far as I'm aware it should still work. Think it was just for awin and webgains merchants....... more
import feeds Fri 00:11 wizardpc [Reply]
can we still import feeds from a merchant into icodes?...... more
RE: 3Gorillas and ppc branded terms Tue 20:48 icodes [Reply]
We get that all the time, but that's because a lot of affiliates use our IDs, so I can only assume someone is doing PPC with links containing your IDs for some reason....... more
3Gorillas and ppc branded terms Tue 20:07 londonbeat [Reply]
Hi, 3Gorillas says I am using ppc branded terms. I told them I don't use PPC ads. I don't understand what they want............. more
RE: coupon provider Sun 12:05 icodes [Reply]
Not heard of that one, but like it looks quite good but very expensive at $499 per month for all merchants, or $99 per month for just 500 merchants....... more
coupon provider Sat 20:23 londonbeat [Reply]
Hello, anyone use feeds4 dot com? ...... more