RE: Adding New Merchants Sun 13:47 bluewatwe [Reply]
Ok, I understand now. what I have missed is the step to replace my AW ID with the example ID. thanks for your explanation....... more
RE: Adding New Merchants Sun 10:47 icodes [Reply]
You need to add your affiliate window affiliate ID in iCodes via Configure Feed > My Affiliate IDs (replace the example ID with yours and press update) You get paid by the network if a sale is made after a visitor has clicked links containing your a...... more
RE: Adding New Merchants Sat 19:34 bluewatwe [Reply]
My site is, I have joined some merchants on Affiliate Window network, then in ICODES configure Feed, I have joined a list of merchants from Affiliate Window, and imported the vouchers from those merchants via ICODES site to my web...... more
RE: Merchants closed down  Sat 15:44 icodes [Reply]
Sorry, missed this post, i'll run the auto suspend script to see if that sorts it....... more
RE: Adding New Merchants Sat 15:43 icodes [Reply]
You don't have any merchants set as joined so are you wanting to know how to add merchants to your feed.. ie setting then as joined, or do you want to add merchants which are missing from our database? If it's to set merchants as Joined the do this ...... more
RE: Adding New Merchants Sat 14:12 bluewatwe [Reply]
I want to add merchants, but don't know how to? how can I have permission to add merchants? my user name is zw. thanks....... more
RE: awin? Sat 07:21 aj2703 [Reply]
can anyone get the little green + (join) buttons to work on the home page on awin? Not working for me With me, when you can't click on the green (+) it means you have already applied........ more
RE: awin? Thu 18:11 wizardpc [Reply]
that it would seem...... more
RE: awin? Thu 13:25 icodes [Reply]
Well it certainly shows how many of their 95k registered users login to join new merchants....... more
RE: awin? Thu 11:51 wizardpc [Reply]
theyve replicated the problem - probably shows how few people are now doing affiliate marketing - they said I was the only one who'd noticed it...... more
RE: awin? Wed 21:33 wizardpc [Reply]
very odd - ive reported it to awin...... more
RE: awin? Wed 19:56 icodes [Reply]
The green buttons don't work for me either, just click them and nothing happens...... more
RE: awin? Wed 19:51 codesandoffers [Reply]
can anyone get the little green + (join) buttons to work on the home page on awin? Not working for me Everything works fine for me, I'm on BT........ more
RE: awin? Wed 18:12 icodes [Reply]
Not sure, DNS issues maybe. Its like when you register a new domain, it takes up to 48 hours for it to get around to everyone. Vince is also on BT but when we set up a new domain sometimes he can access it before me (or vice versa)...... more
RE: awin? Wed 16:44 wizardpc [Reply]
Im on BT broadband too how can that make a difference...... more
RE: awin? Wed 15:27 icodes [Reply]
Its not working via my BT Broadband, but works fine when I use the 4g on the ipad....... more
RE: awin? Wed 15:21 wizardpc [Reply]
thats even weirder its working here just cant get the join merchant buttons to work...... more
RE: awin? Wed 14:45 icodes [Reply]
I can't get on awin at all, getting the error.. "This web page is not available DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"...... more
awin? Wed 13:04 wizardpc [Reply]
can anyone get the little green + (join) buttons to work on the home page on awin? Not working for me...... more
RE: performancein forum Tue 16:54 wizardpc [Reply]
click advanced then you can still get there but it seems to have vanished...... more